10.04 Pre-Op Bowel Prep With Oral Antibiotic Reduces Morbidity After Emergent Colectomy for Diverticulitis

M. Hamidi1, M. Zeeshan1, N. Kulvatunyou1, T. O’Keeffe1, A. Jain1, A. Tang1, E. Zakaria1, L. Gries1, B. Joseph1  1University Of Arizona,Tucson, AZ, USA

The role of preoperative mechanical bowel (MBP) and oral antibiotic preparation (OAP) in elective colectomy has been studied extensively. However, its role is still unknown in patients undergoing emergent colectomy (EC) for acute diverticulitis. The aim of our study was to determine the association between preoperative MBP and OAP and 30-d outcomes after EC for acute diverticulitis.

We analyzed patients from the 2012-15 colectomy-targeted NSQIP database who underwent EC for the indication of acute diverticulitis. Patients were stratified into 1 of the 4 group based on type of preoperative preparation [MBP+OAP, MBP only, OAP only, and no bowel preparation (NBP)]. Multivariate regression analysis was performed to analyze the association between preoperative bowel preparation and 30-d postoperative outcomes. 30-d outcomes were anastomotic leaks requiring intervention, surgical site infections (SSI), hospital length of stay (h-LOS), readmission and mortality.

3004 patients included. Mean age was 61±14y, and 53% were females. 11% (n=339) patients received preoperative bowel preparation [MBP+OAP (17%), MBP only (38%), and OAP only (45%)]. Most common indication for EC was perforation. Figure 1 demonstrates multivariate regression analysis for 30-d outcomes. Patients who underwent OAP only had lower adjusted rates for anastomotic leaks (OR: 0.7[0.5-0.9]), SSI (0.6 [0.3-0.9]), and readmission (0.6 [0.5-0.7]) compared to NBP. However, patients who received MBP (OR: 1.6 [1.3-2.1]) and MBP+OAP (OR: 1.3 [1.1-1.6]) were more likely to develop postoperative ileus.

Bowel preparation with oral antibiotics only results in a significantly lower incidence of anastomotic leakage, incisional surgical site infection, and hospital readmission when compared to no bowel preparation. In addition, mechanical bowel preparation might be harmful and reduces the protective effect of oral antibiotic preparation.